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The folks at Rev3Games got an in-depth chat with Matt Booty, the General Manager of Redmond Games Studios at Microsoft. He addressed several of the current issues/complaints/questions regarding the new Xbox One. Here's the description of the video from Rev3Games.

So basically, here's the gist of what we know regarding a few key issues with the new Xbox One:
  • Your game installs will be tied directly to your profile, not your specific Xbox One HDD. This means you can go to your friend's house and login to your profile and play your games there.
  • The Xbox One's "Always On" feature is basically just a low power state that can be activated via the voice-command, "Xbox On." It's like a PC that is in sleep or suspend mode but it can be awakened with a voice command.
  • The Xbox One will definitely be "Always Online" as well, if you want to take advantage of all the connectivity features which the internet brings. Microsoft wants to shift the focus away from how scary that might potentially be, and instead focus on all the amazing benefits it brings. No further details were provided about a possible way to turn off that connection.
  • The Xbox One will have all the features demoed available (in some form) at the time of launch.
  • The new Xbox One is designed from the ground up to bridge the gap between the family of Microsoft products, like Windows Phones and Surface tablets to create a digital convergence.
  • It is also designed to bring together a host of different forms of entertainment, (like games, movies, music, TV and...

With the new Xbox console finally unveiled, we can finally do a proper comparison with the PlayStation 4 and Wii U. Hardware-wise, the Xbox One is almost on par with the Sony in most departments, except for its supposed graphics-processing power. While Microsoft has been tight-lipped about the GPU performance, it is widely rumored to be around 1.2TFLOPS. Meanwhile, the PS4 can theoretically churn out 1.84TFLOPS.


Continue Reading @ cnet.com

Square Enix has joined the fray of third-party publishers announcing their new games for Xbox One, revealing today that Eidos-Montreal’s Thief is currently in development for Microsoft’s new console, as well as releasing an official screenshot from the Xbox One version of the game.

Eidos-Montreal is the award-winning studio responsible for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and they and Square Enix will be revealing more about the game at the Square Enix booth (South Hall, #1647) at E3 in a couple of weeks. Thief, which will be available in 2014, is the fourth instalment in the classic franchise, where players take on the role of Garrett, the master thief (that’s master thief, not master chief!). I’m sure many of us will have fond memories of playing one of the previous incarnations!

Source: Square Enix Europe

We just found this amazing looking Kinect motion-based game for the Xbox One. This one is coming from Crytek, makers of the hit franchise Crisis. Their new game will be an Xbox One exclusive, and the reason for that is the way you control the game. The game is called "Ryse." The game is a hack slash style RPG set in ancient Rome, and when we say "hack and slash" we mean that literally. The way you will control and interact with the game will be fully motion based. You will literally use your body motions to swing your sword and deflect blows with a shield. It goes a step further than that however. You can even punch, kick and head-butt your opponent.

This game is specifically designed to show off the new skeletal based motion tracking built into the newly enhanced Kinect motion sensor in the Xbox One. We will see more about this game at E3 in June. Stay tuned for more details. In the mean-time, check out the impressive video above.

I can imagine this game will be the perfect work-out routine for gamers who don't like to hit the gym! ;)

Source: Crytek

In a bid to clear up some of the concerns that gamers had about the Xbox One launch, and some of the inconsistencies that have emerged in press coverage since yesterday, Eurogamer spoke at length to Microsoft’s corporate vice president, Phil Harrison, following the launch. And so keen was Harrison to make sure that he was understood on some of the concerns raised by gamers, that Eurogamer says that he spoke to them twice, once for an initial interview, and once to provide added clarity to his answers. In particular, Harrison addressed the issue of playing used games, or borrowed games, on the Xbox One, talking about what happens when you want to take a game round to a friend’s house to play on their Xbox One, for example,

Harrison then talked about used games, saying, “We will have a system where you can take that digital content and trade a previously played game at a retail store.” He would not be drawn any further than that on specifics, however, according to Eurogamer, so the whole issue of used games is still up in the air.

Harrison was, however, able to be a little more definite in reiterating that Xbox One does not necessarily have to be online all the time in order for you to play a game.


Apparently, not all is unicorns and rainbows in Xbox One land. For the most part the response to the next-gen Xbox One from Microsoft has been a positive one; however, we would be remiss if we didn't share there is also an extremely vocal growing minority of Xbox fans who are unhappy with the new console. Here's a quick breakdown of the primary complaints that are starting to spread throughout the web:
  • The console is kinda ugly because it looks like a 1980's VCR - (obviously this is subjective, but it's not hard to see this perspective)
  • The Kinect motion controller and camera is always on along with an always on internet connection - very creepy
  • The controller looks kinda like a Fisher Price product - (this one is obviously subjective too)
  • Possible indirect blocking of used games because they must be installed and tied to your account - this one is still in flux, so it might turn out different
  • TV integration is an interesting new feature but is useless to the rest of the world beyond the US
  • No backwards compatibility - this one isn't that big of a deal for most, but there are still many who were upset by it
  • The internal HDD is not replaceable - this may not be an issue now, but some gamers will likely fill that HDD fast
For many, these issues don't necessarily detract from the overall appeal of the device. Some of these complaints exist because of some of the best features of the device. It's the nature of technology that new stuff sometimes causes a rough transition as we replace the old stuff. Still, it's important to discuss these issues so Microsoft can work things out. Who knows, if there is enough of a backlash, perhaps they still have time to make some changes before the product goes into mass production.

With that said, we wanted to do a poll to get your perspective on the new Xbox One. Share your...
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