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  1. Cressidamarshall
    Anyone wanting to game share with me I am online all the time willing to team up on anygame and go on mic
  2. tarheel98998
    I have cleared the first loop of the virtual cabin on Friday the 13 and cannot get the 1.3 patch it reverts back to 1.0 any suggestions
  3. KJC007
    Hi all does anyone know if no man's sky will be available to download from Microsoft store on the 24th of July?
  4. Josh1888
    Hi I m using the elite controller on rise of the tomb raider ,the a button for jumping won't work any ideas thanks.
  5. Julioteada
  6. Diamonddash
    Add me on xbox. Don't use this much, but if you add me on xbox i'll add you back xx
  7. Diamonddash
    Girl gamer here ;)
    Dude it’s me, I’ve bren locked out the discord, could you send me a message ASAP
  9. RealTime
  10. DaymondA
    Okay, Microsoft fixed their issue and mine. I am happy once again, though I am not certain that I have gotten into the contest yet.
  11. DaymondA
    PO'd with Microsoft and Game Pass
  12. Cander6
    Cander6 TeknoBlast
    Hi TeknoBlast! Just a question. I bought an Xbox one a couple months ago. I bought Injustice 2 with it and whenever there is fire or lights or sky in the game it flashes pixalated lights on the screen and the game becomes unbearable to play. I’ve had the same problem with Shadow of War. Have you heard of this problem and if so is it usually the fault with the Xbox or the person televisions.

    Kind Regards :)
  13. Cander6
    Any one else having lights flashing on there tv whenever they play their Xbox?
  14. Falloutguy207
    I did a little small project no my Xbox One I painted a Monster Energy Ripper theme on it and now I'm doing the fans and yellow less in it.
  15. dascrow
    status update.. test 1..2..3