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  1. ukclippingpath
    UK Clipping Path provides professional e Commerce image editing services in UK, USA in the worldwide
  2. Ast
    Opa opa
  3. clowndowg1972
    im looking to know y all my apps say took too long to start?
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  4. X-RayCat
    Smokin' cookie never coughin' like a rookie
    justgot an Xboxone today went through the setup When it asks to redeem a code for live I get stuck in a loading screen and nothing happens
  6. Its.Piojito
    Really good FIFA player
  7. zlGnasher
    Let's make Oblivion backwards compatible as a big f*** you to our fans while Skyrim gets a remastered version that comes out at full price..
    1. zlGnasher
      *Bethesda begins laughing* hahaha we didn't even try to not make it obvious that we don't give a F about our fans. *begins bathing in hundred dollar bills*
      Oct 2, 2018
    2. zlGnasher
      Microsoft- Wow man, that's like something we'd think of! You guys are coming along nicely, keep the "good" money grubbing work up fellas! *slides on black pair of shades*
      Oct 2, 2018
  8. Skytheguy99
    Hey guys, im looking to join a clan, preferably a sniping clan that has a YouTube channel. See my content at YouTube.com/skytheguy99
  9. Cressidamarshall
    Anyone wanting to game share with me I am online all the time willing to team up on anygame and go on mic
  10. tarheel98998
    I have cleared the first loop of the virtual cabin on Friday the 13 and cannot get the 1.3 patch it reverts back to 1.0 any suggestions
  11. KJC007
    Hi all does anyone know if no man's sky will be available to download from Microsoft store on the 24th of July?
  12. Josh1888
    Hi I m using the elite controller on rise of the tomb raider ,the a button for jumping won't work any ideas thanks.
  13. Julioteada
  14. Diamonddash
    Add me on xbox. Don't use this much, but if you add me on xbox i'll add you back xx
  15. Diamonddash
    Girl gamer here ;)