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[AUSTRALIA] Tri Sack Gamers Clan!

Discussion in 'Tri Sack Gamers' started by nyeeh, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. nyeeh

    nyeeh leveled up

    Hey all, my name's PJ also known as nyeeh and I'm the founder of Tri Sack Gamers.

    Tri Sack Gamers is a clan made with the whole intention being to get into games and just having fun. The whole theme of the group is wacky and fun, hence the name Tri Sack. What the clan aims to achieve however, is a community experience that you can be a part of no matter what platform, genre or game you head off to. How does this work? Well, the clan isn't one clan but instead multiple. Each game and instructions on how to apply are posted on the official website at Tri Sack Gamers - Join the sack and make it bigger. so you can easily get into it straight away.

    Obviously though, I won't be able to play every game on every platform. So what about other platforms? Well, my trusted cousin is on PS4 so he can take care of a few games and the members that are over there but even he won't be enough. So that's why the clan asks for the members help. If there's a game, ANY GAME that has multiplayer and/or clan capabilities all you have to do is ask me somehow and more than likely I'll set it up straight away for you. You'll be set as leader for that clan and if you become trusted enough you could have a permanent slot as moderator for the whole clan as a whole.

    Now let me talk about the website. The website is still a kinda work in progress with me being uncertain what to do with the forums that I installed for fun but a lot of work went into it regardless. Currently I am using it with my professional hosting place with all my other websites but I'm using a free domain at the moment as the clan isn't big enough to warrant a domain anyway. The forum may end up being used as a place to talk with other members, meet up in game and of course request clans but as the clan is really small and just kicking off at the moment it probably won't be used for a long time.

    So yeah if you're interested in joining one of the current available clans head to Tri Sack Gamers - Join the sack and make it bigger. to see what you can join. If a game you want to start a clan for isn't there just PM me here or start a thread in this Tri Sack Gamers XBOX One sub forum and I'll talk with you.

    Have fun!

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