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Call of Duty WWII installation stops

Discussion in 'Xbox One Hardware and Accessories' started by Citchelman, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Citchelman

    Citchelman n00b

    OK this was a Christmas present for me and I am having the same issue where installation stops the best I have done is around 60%. To give you all an idea of what I have done to rectify this; after the first couple of failed attempts I reset my console back to an empty console hard drive and this did not help. I have tried just installing with no updates and with updates. After some research (google) I have gone to Settings/System/Storage/Clear Local Saved Games with no success, I have taken my console offline done all the above and still no success. I even tried ringing support spent 30+ minutes on the phone and they were suppose to ring me back and still waiting for that. They suggested going to Settings/Disc & Blu-ray/Blu-ray/ Persistent Storage and clear that 3 times, which I done, they even thought maybe my disc drive might be faulty but I have since installed Forza Horizon 3 from disc with no problems and still I can't install COD WWII I even tried again just prior to doing this post, oh and before I go my step-sons have their own xbox one and also got a copy for xmas they hjad no problems installing their copy so I have even tried their disc with no success please can anyone help me as support doesn't seem to be able to or care. Thanks in adance

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