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Dark Souls 3

Discussion in 'Dark Souls (All Versions)' started by cornwolf, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. cornwolf

    cornwolf Moderator

    So has anyone on here picked up DS3 yet? I picked it up late last week and I am loving it. The game is great, if you love your RPG games then you will love this game there is soooooo much depth to the game it is crazy.

    I am going to do a video for this on my YouTube channel however a major tip that I learned is about rolling believe it or not.

    So rolling is easy enough to do but did you know there are 3 types of rolling?

    1 - Light Roll
    2 - Medium Roll
    3 - Heavy/Fat Roll

    These are determined by your gear weight so like in other games if you are over cumbered with gear, the good thing is that weight is only effected by equipped gear which is awesome. The ration is:

    1 - Light Roll - Up to 30%
    2 - Medium Roll - Up to 70%
    3 - Heavy/Fat Roll - Over 70%

    This will effect how quickly you can roll out of the way when an enemy is tacking you and the amount of movement you get on a roll. A friend of mine was watching me play and advised me of this and I tweaked some gear and unequipped weapons I wasn't currently using and I was kicking ass.

    Hope this helps, for anyone who is playing I managed to take down greatwood last night :)
  2. Rezzy87

    Rezzy87 n00b

    I picked up a copy just to try something new I never really played RPG and decided to give DS3 a try. The game looks really cool I mean It's just beautiful the only thing is I am having trouble getting past the first boss In I have had the game for two weeks and still stuck smh. overall cool wicked dark dark game I will also watch your YT video
  3. Sorethumbed

    Sorethumbed #hacker

    At their heart, souls games are about one thing - avoid getting hit at all costs. Once you can do that, theyre beatable along with a little muscle memory. For casters, they get harder as they go along in the series 1-2-3 as in 3, cast time is longest and enemies are faster. Its like the devs put it in to appease those who like magic but they REALLY want you to play as a melee character. Theyre some of my favourite games.
  4. Sorethumbed

    Sorethumbed #hacker

    Rolling also affects how FAR you roll as well as speed. Agility also affects it. There are things called i-frames (invincibility timer when you roll or dodge) and this is v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.very important

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