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Destiny "Free Trial" Issue

Discussion in 'Destiny' started by Kamehameha, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Kamehameha

    Kamehameha ├╝ber

    I downloaded Destiny the other day as I have the Taken King collection and was wanting to play a bit. However, after I downloaded it it said I was stuck in "Free Trial". I deleted everything related to Destiny and reinstalled it again. Next day, same thing. I looked everywhere online and apparently Bungie is trying to tell people that the Taken King did not come with the base game. That is complete and utter BS, because I specifically sold my base game in order to get this collection. The collection said it came with the game and all DLC up to that point. I have friends that bought the same collection, and they are able to play their game. Yet Bungie is saying the only way to digitally purchase the base game is through their new collection. That is BS, I'm not going to buy a collection every time new DLC comes out. Has anyone else had this problem, or does anyone know of any solution to it? I know can go buy tha physical copy of the base game for next to nothing, but still. It's just not cool, when I know I was
    playing the whole game when I bought that collection.

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