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FIFA 14 Online Problems, works with WIFI but not with direct cable connection

Discussion in 'EA Sports FIFA' started by maex4power, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. maex4power

    maex4power n00b

    I have a Problem playing online Games in FIFA14, wich i havent read in any Forum so far.
    In my room the xbox is connected directly to my router:

    HerstellerHitron Technologies
    Hardware Version1B
    Firmware Version3.1.1.31-IMS-KDG

    And i can go online, connect with easports, play any other game online or download games. But i cant play FIFA online, wether it is FUT oder Seasons. Everytime i go to the matchmaking the player left oder connection was aborted.
    However i have a wireless router form TP-Link connected to my normal router and with connection to the WIFI i can play it. But the connection is not good enough to play without lags.
    And downstairs i have another TP-Link Router connected wto my bormal router via switch, and when i connect my Xbox One through ethernet cable to this TP-Link router i can play it fine too.
    So i am very confused, icannot forward ports on my router, but this cant be the problem, cause its working with WIFI. BTW. NAT is open and all services available according to the Xbox wireless settings.

    Any kind of help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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