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Home office worker

Discussion in 'Off Topic Forum' started by XDonny, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. XDonny

    XDonny l337

    so before I went to bed earlier today I had one of my weird epihanies kinda thoughts... I want a new job... one that suits me better... like the majority of ppl around the world I think.

    So I thought about working from home. I know myself and know that depending on how work has to be done, if it'll work out for me.

    So I thought of 3 home office working environments and how my quality of work will be.

    First you have the 'basic' out of home worker. You get up at a set time each day for 3-5 days a week and work the 8-10 hours a day. Deliver the work and you'll have done the 9-to-5 but from home.
    This will probably be the worst case for me if I have to get up early... I know I won't get up and get fired within a week xD.

    'Flexible hour inside worker'. This is a variant of the 'basic 9-to-5'er'. Instead of working from .. hour to ... hour, you get to decide your own times, but still have a daily quota to fill.
    For me this will be a good way to keep up the quota and I can actually see myself doing this. I will however need to ease myself into this spot before I let the easygoings screw me over.

    'End of the week quota filler inside guy'. This is the best for me... in the beginning! This is that you don't have set days/hours. You just gotta do the work by the end of the week. I'm the typ of person who likes to get stuff done right away, so I know I'll have lots of free time. I'll probs slave many hours away in the beginning of the week to get my work done and have the remainder of the week free. That is until work starts to bore me and I find it monotome and procrastinate and fail to meet the quota... xD.

    So what type of guy/gal are you ^^
  2. normanray

    normanray n00b

    I'm a procrastinator and I think the first one can force me into a more productive working hour. Just knowing that I can work on a flexible schedule, I might procrastinate work and cram it all up before the deadline just like when I was a student.
  3. Morrison

    Morrison ace

    I work out of my house. About 1/4 of my time is spent at home in the “office” and the other 3/4 is spent driving and at customer sites. Everyday is different for me. Some days I leave early and others I leave late, same for coming home. I could never do a regular 9-5 office type job.
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  4. RealTime

    RealTime coder

    A few years ago I did the work from home job and it was great until the company I was working for went belly-up. It was a nine-to-five type job but I would literally wake up at 8:55. lol

    I have been on the lookout for another one. Just haven't found the right fit yet.
  5. okamiwolf

    okamiwolf n00b

    I can work on a flexible schedule even if the project or work is immediate or not. I want to finish everything early so I can be more productive with the things that I am more interested in and passionate about.

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