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How To Request A Game Clan | Tri Sack Gamers

Discussion in 'Tri Sack Gamers' started by nyeeh, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. nyeeh

    nyeeh leveled up

    Hey guys, it's nyeeh here and this is an informative post on how to request for a game you want to have a Tri Sack Gamers clan (with maybe even you leading it!).

    Currently there are three methods to request a game.

    1) The first and most easy way is to simply post a request here on the Tri Sack Gamers sub forum! All you have to do is specify the game you want and how you want it to work (open clan, closed clan, etc.) and I'll get to you with a PM or a message on Live and I'll help you set it up!

    2) The second way is to post a request on the Tri Sack Gamers forum in the requests area. This probably isn't the greatest option as the forums are pretty much a desert so if there were to be any in the first place, you won't get as much people agreeing to make the case more urgent if you get me.

    3) The third and final way may also be the quickest way but may not be deemed as that important due to the fact that there won't be anyone backing you up. This method is to simply PM me here or message me on Live and I'll get back to you. The upside to this is that you'll be speaking directly to me so it may happen quicker if I deem it worth enough. The downside to this however is that there won't be any backup or immediate members. There will be no one here to say "I'll join" and you'll be left promising me that you will be able to get people in.

    However, no matter what method you choose, if your request is accepted you will be set as leader of the clan for that specific game and instructions on how to join the clan will be posted up on the site.

    If anyone has anyone has any questions just simply PM me, message me on XBOX Live (nyeeh69) or start a thread in this sub-forum.

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