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Lag issues

Discussion in 'Xbox One S' started by d4yl33, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. d4yl33

    d4yl33 n00b

    Hi all,
    I have taken a look on forum for my issue but I can not seem to find anything.
    Ok this started back about a year ago
    And it is getting worse. My problem is as follow,
    It don' matter what I do but I lose mbps. What I mean by this is on my pc, laptop, phone what ever I get 212 mbps down load and upload is around 12 mbps, however as soon as I turn on my Xbox all my devises still get the same mbps but Xbox if on a good day I will get 80 mbps down load and upload stays the same and my ping is around 48ms.
    And 98% of the time I get around 12 mbps download and upload stays the same and ping will be around 80 to 140ms.
    But at same time I check my connection with other devises and I get different I get on all other devise up around 212 mbps.
    I am wired be or you ask I have just been got a new cable cat 6 I have done everything and I am getting sick of it.
    Does anyone know what I can do to sort this out.
    Info of everything I have done so far

    Forward port
    Switch off WiFi so only Xbox is connected
    New cables
    Cleared everything on my Xbox ie all videos I have watched.

    I have been out got a elite sold it
    Got a s and thinking of selling it
    And was going to get an x but I am thinking what' the point

    My ip is VM 200mbps did have 300mbps but still only getting with that the same as 200

    So any help would be great T.I.A
  2. XDonny

    XDonny l337

    Hmmm that is very strange indeed. Okay so you have port forwarded the console. Did you do all the ports or only one?
    While we're still in your modem, is your uPnP enabled, if your modem even has that option.

    Have you tried placing the Xbox ethernet cable in a different port of your modem/router to see if it's getting bottlenecked by a malfunctioning port?

    What speeds does it get over wifi, if your at least close to your modem/router?

    Have you tried either blocking or removing all internet (by way of ethernet cable and wifi) from your home network and then re-installing the Xbox and see if it's still getting that low bandwidth?

    Last option you can do yourself is resetting the console and see if that helps and otherwise Xbox Support, cause I have no idea what the problem may be.

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