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Lootboxes & Microtransactions

Discussion in 'Xbox One Chat' started by XDonny, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. XDonny

    XDonny l337

    The dreaded topic it seems these days ain't it. Getting more money from us gamers by adding a billing system in which you can indulge. Sometimes it's necessary and sometimes it isn't. "When is it necessary Donny?!", well it's necessary whenever you want to get to greater heights by using that currency you made or got!

    Well now we get into the fun things. So everyone who has AppyGamer on their phones/tablets/who looks on websites related to gaming you'll likely seen the recent rise of lootboxes discussion whether or not it's gambling. In a weird twist since one country found it to be gambling, alot of others do so now and are wanting to ban lootboxes and/if other microtransactions, but I'm thinking why now and why do it at all.

    Microtransaction part
    In RL I talk with a couple of ppl about gaming and one of them talked to me about microtransactions and that he doesn't really mind spending some extra coin on a $60 game... But there's a caveat. He doesn't want/gives in to microtransactions that will give him an edge in the (online) game while others grind. He only likes cosmetical skins and not gamechanging items. He also told me about a friend who doesn't like gamechanging items, which I understand, but get this, that same friend doesn't like cosmetical skins since the dude that I talked to either pre-ordered a game or just got a deluxe edition. You effing kidding me?!

    So this got me thinking... why do so many ppl get their panties in a bunch about microtransactions. Don't misunderstand me, I do get their hesitance to buy into it or their deluctance to buy it. They want everyone to have the same chances or just don't have the money for it. <--- The last one that dude from the previous paragraph said. If you can't buy the microtransactions, well you can't and that's too bad for you frankly if you want to, but why do some ppl who can't or won't be so vocal and try to ruin it for everyone.
    How can some ppl be mad that ppl buy deluxe, limited or prestige editions and getting digital items from it. I'll take me for an example. I work for my games and predominately for Collector's Editions because I love getting physical items and if I get digital items, it's just a bonus. So people get mad that I spend $100-500 for a game that costs them $60 and that I get an edge sometimes or a skin they'll never get, because they don't want to buy a higher price for a game whether the reason being that they can't, actually won't or waiting for prices to drop. Seriously, that's just laughable.
    People who know me know I like analogies. Sometimes they strike true, while other times they'll be such a stretch, but I try to make it work :p I find tht gamers who get mad at ppl for such things are like people wanting to buy a nice car/house, yet they can't because they haven't gotten the right education or aren't motivated enough and get mad at ppl who drive those cars or live in those houses. In both cases, you can get higher up if you really want and if you can't, well if you envy something, you can achieve something!

    Now for lootboxes... This I get. I do the game where this lootbox discussion comes from. Battlefront 2... (... @Arnibarani & a couple others already know my frustration with Star Wars and now they add this XD)... spending 400 hours on getting Luke or Darth Vader or spending I believe several tens of dollars... yup. That's not right. That's Asian MMORPG grinding or spending, but if some ppl want to do it because they want to whoop ppl's arses, why not let them. It's not impossible to get those legendary figures, it just takes a real...real... long time... I'm kidding with this one, this is too... MUCH TOO much grinding for a character. But luckily they changed it for the ppl. I'm all for a slight edge in getting digital rewards, but if it's something like this, well it's just not very fair. Well a slight edge isn't too, but hell, life's not fair and since gaming can be considered an extension of one's life if they spend (too) much time doing it, people should deal with that too.

    Last paragraph. We all as gamers should not only think of lootboxes as a cash grabbery by large companies, but we should also see it for the revenue flow for smaller companies. If they keep their pockets full, we get more games. What if all companies suddenly went downhill with games (real catastrophic hypothetical) and needed to add microtransactions in your face as ads on youtube or they'll drown. What do you wanna bet that most ppl will pay just to keep the games coming. So let's look at the situation just like that hypothetical before more developer studios close down and we'll get generic year-on-year releases...

    Thanks for reading this rant ;) what is your opinion on the matter. Here's more reading material from devs http://www.pcgamer.com/the-case-for-and-against-loot-boxes-according-to-developers/

    It's a good read
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  2. TeknoBlast

    TeknoBlast Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm bit in the neutral area.

    1) I understand why developers do this. While the cost to developing a game has risen, the cost of a game to use has stayed at the norm of 59.99 for the last twenty years. At the same time, when you see some of these items being charged as a side item and then ask yourself, "wow, this is not part of the base game?"
    2) I dont mind buying some items....for example, I dont mind buying the class specific shortcut items in Battlefield games because I dont spend all day playing the game like I used to do. I would like to use the good weapons that everyone else has because of the little time I spend in MP games. DICE been using this system in their last few years and they have implemented it pretty well were people havent really complained about....at least from what I seen.
    3) I dont mind it as long it's not items that locks out game content that should have been in the base game in the first place.
    4) Cosmetic type items that are charged after the base game, I dont care if they charge for them. That's just for looks and does nothing to the play of a game. There's no advantage of having a different skin.
  3. XDonny

    XDonny l337

    @TeknoBlast, it's exactly as you said.
    1) I actually saw the costs of high profile games since 2000 in an article. It's staggering. Between 2000-2007 the costs were roughly 700k-1.5M if I remember correctly with 20-70 ppl working on a title. From 2007 it went up to max 7M and after that it slowly build up with most games being under the 20M while others had 50M and hundreds if not more of ppl working on them... while probably getting roughly the same pay...

    2) that's a fair point. Not everyone can game the same. I know I can't do the same now as I did when I was in middle school through university XD. I even saw an article about Trial of the Gods for AS:O where the headline was: Assassin's Creed: Origins Trials of the Gods only Staying Open for a Few Days is Unfair for Anyone with a Busy Life (https://www.vg247.com/2017/11/14/as...ew-days-is-unfair-to-anyone-with-a-busy-life/). I haven't actually read it, but I can imagine the content. Some gamers just can't do with all the games having a daily or weekly event and not being able to play it and get the 'full value' out of the game they purchased (without buying into some digital goodies if they want). Why not let such ppl indulge instead of saying "you noob, you didn't earn it so you cheating. You supporting (X) company!" While a rational person (so the indulger in this case thinking) "buddy... if we didn't buy the game, which you are liking, how would that company make more games...".

    3) lolz that I can understand, but as of yet, I have not seen that. Depends obviously on the (genre of the) game, but my games as far as I know don't usually have that or they have it for single player. Locked content is just bullocks if there's no other way than paywall. But usually it's either pay for them or it's a very raaare drop.

    4) lolx tell that 2 the friend of the dude I know. I personally don't know anyone directly, who's been open about it that is, who actually cares about skins only behind a paywall. But I guess they're there. Like ppl getting mad that Scorpio owners getting a 'different skin' and they want it too but were too late with pre-ordering :p

    Almost Everything is possible in this world so yea. But thanks for sharing tekno.
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  4. cornwolf

    cornwolf Moderator

    So I agree with a lot of things you guys are saying and I spoke about this on a podcast recently over at Lapsed Gamer radio. I to understand why developers do it however it is when the publisher turn around and say it must in a game, or you need to add this because the are been greedy. There are good examples and bad examples of this, a good example is Rock Star with GTA 5, the game is still going really strong now and this is all been funded from game sales and shark cards. It's pretty easy to get money online anyway and is still bags of fun and also doesn't cause a massive in balance been able to buy in game money. The bad example is EA in pretty much every game, Battlefront 2 they had to turn them off, Fifa 18 I hear has been destroyed with the ultimate team and I am hearing that the UFC has been messed around with too. They are not the only guilty parties either because WB have done with Shadow Of War which effects the end game after completion which is crazy.

    The problem we have is that EA are money grabbing sons of a ***** that are always trying to make a quick buck at the gamers expense and compromising the game. At the end of day we are in a time where they are here and we have to deal with it. Personally if it is cosmetic and I like the game and the dev is just trying to make some more money to help production of another title or something like then hey I will buy a few like in Destiny. The problem for me is when it changes the game or someone can get an advantage if I choose not to buy them or I feel like I am forced to buy them to say at least semi competitive to retain some enjoyment. This is when I decide to check out and wont get the game or at least I wont buy any packs and just play the online side of it.

    It's interesting how yet again it is EA who are dragging the gaming industry and community through the mud and with one of the most beloved franchises there is along with a few others, but they are dragging a lot down with them which includes Disney and I believe they have been on the phone to them telling them to stop and there is also a petition out get the license off EA and give it to someone else who will make the Star Wars game we have always wanted, they have also shut down studios where we have seen at E3 glimmers of other games which we wont get now.

    If this does happen who do you think should get the licence. If I am honest I dont think it should be exclusive, here is my take on it:

    FPS - This should go to Bungie or Machine Games both done cracking jobs with there latest games
    RPG style - There are so many that are so good right now but I think anything from a CD Projket Red, Take 2 or even Sucker Punch but make it multi platform. I think with a franchise such as Star Wars it needs to be handled well but also check a lot of the BS at the door because it will sell really, really well regardless of loot crates etc. Just look at KOTOR, the Star Wars universe already makes money hand over fist as it is.

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