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Mario + Rabbids

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by cornwolf, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. cornwolf

    cornwolf Moderator

    I picked up Mario + Rabbids in the Nintendo sale in December and I completed it last night. I have to say it's such a great game and totally not what I was expecting. The game when you look it shouldn't work, Ubisoft game, with Mario, Rabbids in an Xcom style game, give over. But it does work and works really really well. For a Mario game it is a little edgy with its comedy but by god it a delightful game to play. It's tough at times and depending on how logical you are and if you like puzzles then it may be a little easier.

    I have just got to do all the little extra challenges as you unlock different abilities as you go through the game so you have to go back and finish them off.
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  2. normanray

    normanray n00b

    To be fair, it is an underrated game. We need more crossover like this.
  3. AlphonseD

    AlphonseD n00b

    I wouldn't mind more crossover games like this at all. Mario + Rabbids was certainly very enjoyable. Not the best game ever, but certainly worth the money imo.

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