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Need Help or ideas one handed controller

Discussion in 'Xbox General Discussions' started by wildman112, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. wildman112

    wildman112 n00b

    Hey everyone,

    I need some help or atleast someone to point me in the right direction or maybe this isn't even possible.. im looking to buy/ alter as joystick for one handed play. I have some electrical backround and some soldering abilities, to move wires / buttons. my brother lost his hand in a motorcycle accident would like to help him play. I would like to give him this for Christmas this year. Its sole purpose would be fps games he does pretty well using the controller handed with all other games..

    I guess my questions are,
    is there a fully programable option joystick?
    if not what would be the best base to start with?
    Could you run your controls through the computer? using pc controller/joystick?(xbox would have to be hard wired to pc because our internet speeds out here in the sticks are terrible like best available is max of 3mbs)

    thanks any help or insight would be greatly appreciated

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