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New here

Discussion in 'Introductions & Site Assistance' started by TommyC_TX, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. TommyC_TX

    TommyC_TX n00b

    Hi all. I am Tommy. I currently have a launch day XBox One, but I have it on good authority (grand daughter can Not keep a secret) that I have a shiny new XBox One X in the very large, cleverly disguised box under the Christmas tree! It’s gonna be a long month!

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  2. Arnibarani

    Arnibarani l337

    Hi Tommy.

    Sorry to see you’ve not had a response to the forum in several weeks. It pains me to say it but as you’ve gathered this forum is in decline. It says it all when senior staff members haven’t got the manners to welcome new members or don’t hardly bother to log in. Glad to see you your about to get a new console from Santa! The Xbox One X is quite the upgrade & may take a while for your eyes to adjust All the best happy & Christmas gaming!

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