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New Patch

Discussion in 'Forza 6' started by cornwolf, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. cornwolf

    cornwolf Moderator

    So Turn 10 did a fairly big multiplayer patch to Forza 6 yesterday and I am really keen to get a little race league started so who is up for it? I know I have said this before however I now have free time to be able to put time in to this, last time I tried this my world was turned up side down and had next to no free time.

    Anyway there are loads of enhancements like custom grid orders etc which is epic, I fully believe that they are now testing new features in Forza 6 ready for Forza 7 and there is going to be a big push in Forza 7 towards esports, all the enhancements seem to be pointing that way and are great for anyone that wants to watch these races.

    So if you are up for it let me know, I am thinking we pick a 1 car and spec with open tuning for a few weeks. We change the track but you have time to put in a qualifying time. Then with the new enhancements we can create the grid from there and some good old fun racing.

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