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No sound

Discussion in 'Xbox One Hardware and Accessories' started by HelpFixMyHeadset, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone!
    So a couple days ago I made a new account just for offline games. I started playing AC Creed brotherhood and everything was working fine. Then all of a sudden the sound cut out. In the game, and the dashboard, everything. For context I only use headphone/headset for sound because I have no speaker in my monitor. So I did the standards and took the mic out and back in. Same with the audio jack. Then my whole Xbox. Still no sound. But when I went to the “Mixer” tab on the dashboard and the sound would come through fine from the streams.

    I’m really confused why it has stopped working, if anyone has any idea let me know and I’d be hella grateful. Thank youuuu x

    Also I’m using just the normal 500Gb Xbox with a 1tb hard drive if that helps??
  2. Morrison79

    Morrison79 n00b

    Did you try a hard reset? Unplugging the Xbox from the wall. Sometimes my headset screws up,usually a hard reset resolves it.
  3. RealTime

    RealTime coder

    Did you check the headset to make sure it didn't go dead?
  4. My headset is wired, and it works because when listen to streams on my Xbox it works fine. Just seems to be everything else :(
  5. Yeah tried it multiple times and nothing changed :((
  6. Morrison79

    Morrison79 n00b

    Have you tried the Xbox with sound going through a tv?

    I would consider doing a factory reset. A file could be corrupted that’s causing your issue.
  7. I’ll give the factory reset a try

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