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Patch 1.4

Discussion in 'The Division' started by cornwolf, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. cornwolf

    cornwolf Moderator

    So I recenlty jumped back in to patch 1.4 has anyone else?

    I am loving been back on this game with some mates. I swap between Xbox and PS4 (dont ask why I have 3 copies of this game) but I am loving the updates. If you have a character at level 30 then you are on to a winner there is loads to do and loot for days. I am getting tier gear for days. I have at least 1 of every set so far (pretty much) and still going.

    If you like the game but thought it had gone down then I recomend jumping back on and giving it ago, its well worth it and the enhancements are great.

    Survival is out this month for Xbox and December for PS4 which looks insane.
  2. TeknoBlast

    TeknoBlast Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have the PS4 version. I may need to jump back into this then.
  3. RealTime

    RealTime coder

    Yeah I agree that 1.4 has made things a lot better, not perfect but better.
  4. cornwolf

    cornwolf Moderator

    Yeah its great, like you said [MENTION=2827]RealTime[/MENTION] it's not perfect but its almost gone back to how the game was at the start but with enhancements. Patch 1.5 is out this week with Survival landing on Xbox and then PS4 in December. That looks awesome you have to keep warm and everything. Tekno make sure we are friends and if we are on together we can party up :)

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