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‘Persona 5 Royal’ Coming to PC as Epic Games Store Exclusive

Discussion in 'All Things PC' started by TeknoBlast, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. TeknoBlast

    TeknoBlast Admin Team Staff Member


    The enhanced rerelease of Atlus’s renowned RPG Persona 5 will be making its way to PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store. Persona 5 Royal originally launched worldwide in 2020 for the PlayStation 4. The release of Royal added various improvements and gameplay tweaks to the already extensive original title from 2017.

    Persona 4 Golden, an enhanced port of the original Persona 4, already made its way to PC just last year. Now PC gamers will have the chance to finally play its sequel as well.

    Persona 5 Royal will be available on the Epic Games Store starting March 30th for the price of $60. A release date for a storefront people actually want to use has not yet been announced.

    Source: https://www.animemaru.com/persona-5-royal-coming-to-pc-as-epic-games-store-exclusive/

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