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Problems with FIFA!

Discussion in 'EA Sports FIFA' started by Thornstar9, May 27, 2014.

  1. Thornstar9

    Thornstar9 n00b

    Hi all,

    can someone please tell me why when I am playing my season and finish a game in career mode that the game goes out and back to my main screen on xbox one?? I have tried deleting the game and re installing it but that hasn't seemed to fix it. Is it my xbox is broken or can it be the game? Has anyone had these problems before thanks.

  2. nullkillmill

    nullkillmill n00b

    Anyone have problems with the World Cup download.

    I have progressed to final but when loading the final game an error message appears on screen.

    Anyone else had this problem???

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  3. samcurnow

    samcurnow pwned

    I have a problem with FIFA 14 when ever I try to play a match it makes me sim the match no mater what I haven't played a match since my 2013 / 14 season I'm now on 17 /18 it won't let me play any matches !!! So enoying

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