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The Division

Discussion in 'The Division' started by ICEM4N_2014, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. ICEM4N_2014

    ICEM4N_2014 n00b

    Is "The Division", the new Tom Clancy game? Haven't seen a clip or trailer of it yet,, but is it a
    3rd or 1st person shooter? Is it liked "Ghost Recon-Future Soldier" or games like that?

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  2. XDonny

    XDonny l337

    Yes it's a new game that just uses Tom Clancy's name.

    It's not the typical tom clancy game. This is a third person (mmo)rpg set in a post-apocolyptic game, (gameplay) trailer can be found on youtube. It looks interesting.
    They haven't really said anything in-depth about what the GP is about, only the more 'detailed' components of the game like smartglass app for second screen experience and online play and such.

    The world needs animes, games, horror and food 2 keep me happy!
  3. azraelomega

    azraelomega SEAL

    The Division is going to rock so hard! Cannot wait for this one.

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