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Update when I am not using it.

Discussion in 'Xbox One Chat' started by Blackbirdmfg, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Blackbirdmfg

    Blackbirdmfg n00b

    Forgive me as I am sure this is easy and I am too old and lazy to work for it. I have been a Halo fan since day one. I bought the 360 so I could keep up and now the One so I can finish. At 46 I no longer have the dexterity or the time that I used to have to stay current or cool. I just want to be able to once every few months turn it on and play but every time I do there are updates that I have to finish first.

    My question for all of you young punks (and I mean that with respect) is how do I tell my xbox one to keep itself and and Halo updated so that I can just turn it on and get some play time?

    Some day you'll be there. I put the hours in when I was in my 20s and 30s.... Now I just need an easy way to play on the rare occasion that the wife, kids and stars align.

    Please simple answer for an old timer.
  2. oldgamer

    oldgamer #hacker

    as far as young i am not am 61 yrs old go to settings and in in system hit update and you will see console and you can check the box to update when off games and apps i donot if it will work on game you are playing but i know the console works
  3. Morrison79

    Morrison79 n00b

    I believe you also need the console to be set to “instant on” for it to update while it’s turned off. This is in settings/power options.
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  4. InertialPear47

    InertialPear47 n00b

    Concentrate on staying cool. Being current is overrated as it is nearly impossible and very expensive. I feel your pain though live tends to get in the way as you get old. One thing I have learned and try to remember is to concentrate your time on the things that really matter...and for me as much as I love to game nothing gets my blood flowing like getting outside with my dslr and hitting the trails. So that is where I tend to focus my energy when the rest of life doesn’t line up

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  5. XDonny

    XDonny l337

    Just like it's been said before, for not having the updates come when you wanna game go to settings -> start up and shutdown -> instant on. That's for the console to download and install updates while the Xbox One is off (as long as you don't unplug the thing :p). But that's not for downloading things itself. It's just being in the position to be able to download. To actually download go to settings -> system -> updates and check the box 'Keep my console up to date'.
    For game updates to be current & cool (srry had to say it :p) check the box next to the one you just did.

    Hope this helps!

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