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World Rivals Championship Rules & Regulations

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 5 World Rivals Championship' started by Vinylspinners, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Forza Motorsport 5 World Rivals Championship

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    What is the Rivals World Championship?

    The Rivals World Championship is a season long series of time-trial events done through the in-game Rivals mode. The aim is to provide friendly competition by challenging your driving skills against your rivals in A class cars on some of the world's best circuits.

    Who knows maybe by the end your skills may have improved significantly.

    Bonus rounds are accessed through the freeplay mode currently.

    Rules and Regulations

    A) Championship rounds will be run in A Class cars (Cars are permitted to be upgraded from the lower classes)
    A class cars run at at PI(Performance Index) of between 601 and 700. Competitors are free to modify,tune and setup their car
    freely as long as in it meets the class A PI.

    B) Each competitor will be required to declare a car to use for the duration of the championship. Declaration of a championship car
    can be done when submitting a time for the first time. Once a time is submitted for the first time it is not retractable.
    Should a time be first submitted after round 2 and before round 7 then the competitor will be offered the chance to use the one car change rule along with receiving the appropriate penalty. (see C) Therefore a change of car is only permissable between rounds 2+3, 4+5, 6+7.

    C) A change of car is permitted once during the championship. This does however carry stipulations and penalties.
    A car cannot be changed until after round 2 and cannot be changed after round 8. A change of car cannot be taken between grouped rounds eg between round 3+4.
    Changing a car will result in a 25 point penalty. Once a change of car is made then no more changes are available.

    Should a competitor not have enough points to be deducted when changing car, then the competitor must wait until they have enough points to accommodate for the change.

    D) Championship will run for 12 weeks from Monday 20th January - Sunday April 20th

    E) There will be a 2 week break from Monday 24th February - Sunday 9th March.

    F) Ten rounds will be run over 10 tracks for the duration the championship (See championship calendar below) with 3 bonus drag time rounds.

    G) Two rounds will be run over a two week period and must be run in the same car. Times may be submitted before the event start time but no more than 10-20 minutes. Times on or after the midnight PDT finish time will not be accepted. No exceptions.

    H) Bonus drag rounds must be in the same car as the main championship rounds (Class A)

    I) Each participant must submit a clean lap to be eligible for points. This includes all assist rules (see M) and have no
    exclamation mark beside the time.

    J) All lap times must be submitted after the round start date and before the end date. Times for rounds in advance will not be permitted
    except in the extreme circumstance of a competitor not being available due to holidays/personal reasons.
    In this circumstance a time may be submitted to a steward to be then posted during the round time frame. The competitor may submit a screenshot/link to video for the time/s
    to a steward before the time is due. Holidays,illness' and internet outtages happen, so we understand.

    L) Lap times may be removed from the board should the steward review the lap and find a breaking of the rules. In this case either a steward or the timekeeper will contact the competitor by personal message through the forum or through the game
    explaining the reasons for the lap's disqualification.
    If the competitor wishes to appeal then they are free to appeal to the stewards whose decision is then final.

    M) Conditions for eligible laps:

    1. b) Times may be submitted using game dvr and then shared to the correct round's thread, (See sharing your lap times below).

    Times may be submitted through either a screenshot of the leaderboard. This will show the car, class and time, date and assists.

    Please try to submit times first by game dvr and failing that screenshots.

    2. Times must be submitted only in the correct time frame.(see G)

    3. Assists:

    a) Brake line only - on/off
    b) ABS - on/off
    c) Steering simulation/normal
    d) Traction & stability control - off
    e) Shifting - Automatic/manual/manual with clutch
    f) Damage, Fuel & Tyre Wear - Simulation
    h) Times must be attained using the rivals mode of the game (except bonus rounds which can be obtained through freeplay)
    i) Laps must not have an exclamation mark next to the time.

    4. Rivals mode ghosts can be turned off to avoid distraction.

    N) Should two or more competitors finsh the championship on equal points then the number of round wins will determine the winner. (Bonus round do not count)
    Should two or more competitors still be equal then the number of top 3 finishes will separate them.
    Should two or more competitors still be equal then they shall be placed in one final challenge to determine a winner. Track will be Alps Festival full. The remaining competitors then have 1 week
    to submit the times and a winner shall be determined.

    O) Non submission of a time will result in no points for that round.

    P) All lap times must be submitted to the corresponding rounds thread for collection by the timekeeper. Times posted in the wrong thread are not permissable and shall not be moved by the administrator. These lap submissions will be
    marked and deleted. Please note that the same lap may still be valid as long as it is submitted in the correct forum thread.

    Q) Stewards decisions are final.

    R) Should any competitor receive bullying or harassment of any form another competitor, then the Timekeeper, Administrator or Stewards reserve the right to disqualify
    the offending party from the competition. This is the only rule which extends outside of the stewards. Friendly banter is welcome and valued but Keep it friendly folks.

    S) Competitors are required to have the forum logo/name on their. A full livery is not required but visibility is.

    T) Competitors may come and go from the championship at will, however all above rules must still be adhered to.

    Q) The following cars are banned from competing:
    Catherham Superlight
    KTM Xbow
    Lotus 2 eleven

    These cars are banned due to them being lightweight track ready cars that need little work to perform at the peak of the class. Encouragement of car and tuning exploration is preferred so as to sway against the competition turning into a same car class.

    Sharing your laps (Also see M)

    For video submissions record through in game dvr using ''xbox record that'' and follow the video below or game dvr if you wish.

    For screenshot submission see the example below:
    hippy example.jpg


    A Class cars run at a PI (Performance index of between 601 and 700). Any parts can be used by a competitor to fit their championship car such as suspension and tyres. However the car must remain inside the PI for A class.

    Likewise tuning setups are all permitted.

    Awd/Rwd and Fwd are all permitted.

    Vinyls (Also see S)

    Any decals are allowed on your car however it must contain the forum logo or the forum web address. You can miss the www. if you don't have space. This is a requirement from the guys who run the forum so we can get prizes.

    Prize Information

    Thanks to our excellent administrators/moderators we have an excellent winner takes all prize to give away. Our championship administrator
    Cornwolf deserves a huge credit and shout out for initiating this. First place in the championship will receive a $60 Amazon Gift Card, good to redeem against any any Xbox One game or accessory.

    How to score

    1st 50 pts
    2nd 40 pts
    3rd 35 pts
    4th 32 pts
    5th 30 pts
    6th 28 pts
    7th 26 pts
    8th 24 pts
    9th 22 pts
    10th 20 pts
    11th 19 pts
    12th 18 pts
    13th 17 pts
    14th 16 pts
    15th 15 pts
    16th 14 pts
    17th 13 pts
    18th 12 pts
    19th 11 pts
    20th 10 pts
    21st 9 pts
    22nd 8 pts
    23rd 7 pts
    24th 6 pts
    25th 5 pts

    All Positions from 25 backwards receive 5 points.

    Bonus Points

    a) If a competitor is unbeaten (top of the provisional board) for 7 days from the time of a submission, (this will be marked on the provisional leaderboard counting the time of the first submission taking the lead and days of standing).

    A competitor who takes the lead can improve upon their time and the counter will continue. However should another competitor post a faster time, then the counter will stop and start again for the new lead time and so on. The competitor the first competitor that successfully completes this time will receive a bonus 10 points. These points can only be awarded once.

    b) At the end of the championship the competitor with the best overall time (all laps times counted from each round, excluding bonus rounds) will receive a bonus of 15 points.

    Bonus rounds scoring

    1st 12 pts
    2nd 10 pts
    3rd 8 pts
    4th 7 pts
    5th 6 pts
    6th 5 pts
    7th 4 pts
    8th 3 pts
    9th 2 pts
    10th 1 pts

    Only 10 can score in these rounds.

    At the end of each two week period the time keeper will update the leaderboards with all appropriate points, bonus points and penalties accounted for.

    Race Calendar

    All times are midnight PDT to Midnight PDT

    Monday 20th January - Sunday 2nd February

    Round 1 Laguna Seca
    Round 2 Indianapolis GP

    Monday 3rd February - Sunday 16th February

    Round 3 Circuit La Sarthe
    Round 4 Catalunya Grand Prix
    Bonus Round Airfield Drag Time 1/4 Mile

    Monday 24th February - Sunday 9th March (Break)

    Monday 10th March - Sunday 23rd March

    Round 5 Silverstone Grand Prix
    Round 6 Prague Full
    Bonus Round Airfield Drag Time 1/2 Mile

    Monday 24th March - Sunday 6th April

    Round 7 Spa Franchorchamps
    Round 8 Yas Marina Full

    Monday 7th April - Sunday 20th April

    Round 9 Road Atlanta
    Round 10 Sebring Full
    Bonus Round Airfield Drag Time 1 Mile

    Championship Staff

    Every lengthy competition needs some people to look after things and here is who they are and what their roles are.

    Time Keeper - Vinylspinners

    The time keeper is responsible for collecting all the submitted lap times, updating the leaderboards and ensuring all bonus and penalty
    points are accounted for. Will also act as an executive steward when the need arises.

    Administrator - Cornwolf

    The administrator is responsible for overseeing all of the threads within the World Rivals Championship and ensuring that times are submitted into the corresponding threads. As noted above times submitted in the wrong section/thread will not be moved to the correct one by the administrator but will instead be marked for deletion. Ensuring that all threads are kept in order and correct discussion placed in the appropriate threads.

    Will also act as an executive steward when the need arises.

    Stewards - Danzigs MISFITS & Maccabhoy12

    Stewards are responsible for the following:

    1) Ensure that the lap times submitted are all within the rules.
    2) Ensure that the times submitted are in the car declared (correct car).
    3) Ensure that all rules are adhered to.

    As above stewards decisions are final and the bucks stops with them.

    A big shout out and thanks to Cereal Killer who I missed on the promo credits, thank you.

    Please do not post in this thread as it needs to remain open so that I can edit it. Please use the thread linked below.
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