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Xbox One S Virgin

Discussion in 'Xbox One S' started by WhatsthatSound, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. WhatsthatSound

    WhatsthatSound n00b

    i am totally surprised at:
    1) Xbox and games take forever to load

    2) Absolutely no direction to get up and running

    3) Very little or no instructions or tutorials

    4) Very little or no clue as to controller layout for games (it’s like they assume we all know how to play whatever game)

    5) Have had this expensive paper weight for several months and still not even close to figuring out how to play properly

    6) Bought Ferrari Thrustmaster Racing Wheel and still haven’t figured how to get around using it, for example where is the corresponding + on the wheel

    Very close to packing this thing up and sending it away and look into PS whatever is current version. Is anyone willing to at least give me a hint on how to play this machine?

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