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Xbox One X sales figures week 1

Discussion in 'Xbox One X' started by Arnibarani, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Arnibarani

    Arnibarani l337

    So it’s been a week since launch & early sales figures are in, looks like we’ve started off with good momentum let’s hope it continues!Xbox One X sells 80,000 units in its first week in the UK http://m.mynews.ly/!QH.HSMuY http://m.mynews.ly/!QH.HSMuY
  2. Lethal_NFS

    Lethal_NFS coder

    Good momentum for sure. I wonder if these numbers would still be this good if there was no Project Scorpio edition? More than 50% of that number were from the Scorpio sales.

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