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Xbox will not connect to wifi with password.

Discussion in 'Xbox General Discussions' started by ldiewald, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. ldiewald

    ldiewald n00b

    My xbox one will not connect to my wifi unless I remove the password requirement from the router. Once I enable the password it will no longer connect. All of my other technology connects no problem. I have ran through the Microsoft troubleshooting steps with no solution. Can someone help me please? Thanks
  2. TeknoBlast

    TeknoBlast Admin Team Staff Member

    I ran into this issue before. For me, I shut down everything such as internet modem, wireless router, and gaming console .Then I power each one by itself until it's fully booted.

    After everything is online, then see if console connection is stable.

    In my experience, a simple reboot off all devices doesn't hurt .

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